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US-1453188-A: Detachable handle patent, US-1454480-A: Film spool patent, US-1454494-A: Filing-case drawer suspension patent, US-1455505-A: Filtering apparatus patent, US-1455952-A: Sole-laying machine patent, US-1455985-A: Electric switch patent, US-145671-A: Improvement in rotary engines patent, US-1456727-A: Piston patent, US-1457177-A: Can-feeding mechanism patent, US-1457181-A: Pneumatic drill patent, US-1457664-A: Machine for making lath boards patent, US-1457693-A: Pulverizing machine patent, US-145813-A: Improvement in mechanisms for towing boats patent, US-1458396-A: Plate-glass setting patent, US-1458663-A: Drip-pan signal patent, US-1458798-A: Game patent, US-1459406-A: Top for vehicles and the like patent, US-1459579-A: Milk-bottle closure patent, US-1460210-A: Bottle filling and capping machine or the like patent, US-1461450-A: Stoker furnace patent, US-1462825-A: Adjustable price marker patent, US-1462982-A: Machine for making link mesh and similar fabric patent, US-1464059-A: Grain door patent, US-1464924-A: Saw guard patent, US-1464986-A: Stove attachment patent, US-1465547-A: Electric resistance element patent, US-1465666-A: Grinding mill patent, US-1466101-A: Blas-flap stock cutting and applying machine patent, US-1466273-A: Liquid-dispensing apparatus patent, US-1466540-A: Acetylene-gas generator patent, US-1468640-A: Typewriting machine patent, US-1468835-A: Cushioning device for the handle bars of motor vycles, bicycles, and like vehicles employing handle bars patent, US-1468981-A: Interlock mechanism for elevators patent, US-1469386-A: Ribbon spool for typewriters patent, US-1469583-A: Lip-pressure-correcting device for wind instruments patent, US-1470088-A: Art of wireless communication patent, US-1470517-A: Wheel patent, US-1470564-A: Transmission mechanism patent, US-1470735-A: Multiple-spindle drill head patent, US-1471081-A: Vibrating buckey diaphragm for scattered X-ray radiation patent, US-1471238-A: Storage-battery filler patent, US-1472098-A: Filter patent, US-1472105-A: Vertical lathe patent, US-1472164-A: Necticut patent, US-1472626-A: Water fountain patent, US-1472641-A: Coal-cutting machine and tool patent, US-1472854-A: Clutch-closing mechanism patent, US-1473150-A: Wire stretcher patent, US-1473628-A: Trail for gun carriages patent, US-1473794-A: Combined fixture support and loom fastener patent, US-1475214-A: Elastic-fluid turbine patent, US-1475285-A: Railway brake beam patent, US-147547-A: Improvement in paper boxes patent, US-1475515-A: Lens-testing instrument patent, US-1475779-A: Nut lock patent, US-1476196-A: Shoe-finishing machine patent, US-1476376-A: Electric heater patent, US-1476697-A: Pencil purse patent, US-1477213-A: Metal door patent, US-1477420-A: Sellschaft patent, US-1477764-A: Shaft bearing for hydraulic machines patent, US-1477972-A: mansel patent, US-1478167-A: Waterproof electric fitting patent, US-1478718-A: Method of cutting narrow strips from a roller of cellulose material patent, US-1478727-A: Safety grab hook patent, US-1478799-A: Glare protector patent, US-1479171-A: Train-lighting system patent, US-1479323-A: Railway car patent, US-1479603-A: Compressor patent, US-1479790-A: Evaporation-preventing mantle patent, US-1479964-A: Well-packer attachment for pumps patent, US-1479985-A: Bottle-stopper shield patent, US-1480107-A: Casting machine patent, US-1480750-A: Method of and machine for making molds patent, US-148163-A: Improvement in the methods of ornamenting soap-stone patent, US-1482339-A: Camera attachment patent, US-1483043-A: Fire extinguisher patent, JP-1574912-C: patent, US-1483272-A: Tube welding patent, US-1483616-A: Shutter for the headlights of motor cars, motor cycles, and other vehicles patent, US-1485242-A: Attachment for spoolers patent, US-1485383-A: Machine lathe patent, US-1485421-A: Automatic air-brake apparatus for railway trains and the like patent, US-1485708-A: Template patent, US-1485938-A: Hand-power attachment for windmill sucker rods patent, US-1486835-A: Rotary pump patent, US-1486847-A: Typewriting machine patent, US-1487182-A: Apparatus for obtaining alcohol patent, US-1487957-A: Plastic hatsrial ato method patent, US-1488293-A: Method of and device for finishing textile articles patent, US-1489506-A: Harness connecter patent, US-1491501-A: Slubbing, roving, and like frame patent, US-1491804-A: Machine for applying screw closures to containers patent, US-1491834-A: Windshield cleaner patent, US-1492377-A: Driving mechanism for washing machines patent, US-1493187-A: Percussion tool patent, US-149335-A: Improvement in clothes-frames, towel-racks patent, US-1493567-A: Carburetor patent, US-1494050-A: Tent patent, US-1494066-A: Silencing joint for domestic water conduits patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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